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Triple Plus Test: a broad selection of tests

Everyone is talented in their own unique way. So how do you find employees who have just the talent you’re looking for? The Triple Plus package puts you on the right track and helps you to select the right man or woman for the job, swiftly and based on scientific analysis.

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Focus on specific qualities in your candidate

Enjoy the 'Plus' points of the Triple Plus Test

Mix and match! You decide what you want to measure and we offer you 3 tests that map this out for you!

  • BFAC Plus personality test
  • Skill tests (planning & organization, accuracy & speed)
  • Cognitive testing (general reasoning skills)
  • Language testing (NL, FR, EN, DU, SP)
  • Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

Fully tailored to the Bright Plus way of working, these tests are designed to analyze the skills and know-how of the talents in our niche.

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The tests are tailored to the knowledge and skills that Office, HR, Logistics, Legal and Sales specialists require andenchmarked on the basis of 20,000+ tests taken on a yearly basis

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How it works

Know who you're talking to in just 4 steps

Step 1

Let us know which test(s) you want carried out

What would you like to learn about your candidates exactly? We're happy to help you choose the best test(s).

Step 2

We request your candidate to take the test

Bright Plus makes sure your candidate receives the necessary tests. We will notify you as soon as the tests have been completed.

Step 3

Drum roll, please! The results are in

Once the results are in, we will send you a clear report that shows at a glance how well your candidate has scored.


Step 4

Any questions about the report? Shoot!

We gladly elaborate on the meaning of certain test results and how to best interpret them.

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Our formulas

Which formula suits you(r company) the best?

BFAC Plus: personality analysis

Gain insight into the candidate’s personality and skills:

  • In-depth selection tool
  • 98 multiple-choice questions
  • 16 statements for each criterion
  • Already used more than 20,000 times
  • Assesses the motivations, expectations and values ​​of the candidate

Combi Plus Test

The Combi Test is an all-in-one selection package:

  • Personality analysis
  • Skills tests
  • Cognitive tests
  • Language tests (EN, NL, FR, DE, ES)
  • Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

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