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How to happily work with your trainees

Are your assigned to supervise a trainee? This is how to turn any internship into a success for all parties.

Bright Plus

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How to turn internships into a success for all: 8 tips

Are you the ”fortunate one” who gets to supervise the intern? But do you feel more burdened than blessed? Follow these eight tips, and you make the most of any internship – for both of you.

1. Do you match?

One intern does not compare to the other. When choosing the trainee discuss with your manager which criteria are important for your team or the functioning of your department. Even if an internship doesn’t last long, the goal remains to create a win-win situation for both parties.

2. Feel the flashback

Remember your first internship, or your first day at work? Perhaps the new intern is just as nervous as you were. Put yourself in your trainees’ shoes and cut him of her some slack.



3. Discuss each other's expectations

You and your trainee have expectations. You perhaps hoped to finally focus on those urgent files, while your intern would take on your other daily routines. Your trainee however wants to get a first valuable work experience, not a close relationship with the copier. Nothing is as frustrating as unfulfilled expectations. Discuss what you both expect. Before, during and after the internship.

4. The right person for the job

What if you still have to take your trainee by the hand after day 4? You lose precious time in putting her of him to work, and your trainee feels frustrated for not developing his or her skills. Time for talent management: find be a better way for your intern to complete the internship. Make sure everyone puts their talent to work. This way, everyone will feel more rewarded, the working atmosphere improves and the productivity increase drastically

5. Give the right example

How do you want employees of tomorrow to continue your work? Be patient with your interns. Show them not only how to do their jobs, but how they can make the difference

6. Employer branding

One day your interns will apply for a job somewhere. How do you want to be remembered? How do you want them to talk about your company to their fellow students or future employers? What corporate image do you instil with your interns? Knowing that outstanding talents aren’t thick dotted: how does your company honour talent and how do you get your company on top of future applicants’ wish list?

7. Good vibes? Teamwork!

Encourage your team to approach trainees positively. Show sincere interest, giving compliments and constructive feedback is teamwork. If trainees feel well in the team, they will only give the best of themselves. Everyone is happy.

8. Bron van inspiratie

Trainees may be inexperienced, but newcomers often do offer a fresh look on things. Are there any inefficient routines you no longer stop to think about? This is an excellent opportunity to ask the trainee about his or her findings. And improve processes where necessary.

Bright Plus wishes you a valuable team work.