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Boost your results together with your employee(s)

Management Drives gives you insight into the leadership qualities and motivation levels of individuals as well as teams. A person’s motivation, after all, controls the way they think, act and lead. It’s also a determining factor for corporate cultures.

Or discover our formulas first

The colours

By knowing each other’s strengths, you can grow together

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How does it work?

4 steps towards powerful insights

Step 1

Can we ask you something?

First things first: please answer a few simple questions that will allow us to create your profile. This step only take 15 minutes, tops!

Step 2

We do our thing

We process the results of the online questionnaire and pour them into a personal or team profile. We then schedule a feedback session.

Step 3

Finally: feedback!

We take a moment to explain your profile or your team's in detail. You gain insight into your motives: what energizes you, what's your biggest waste of energy and how do you tend to cope when you are under stress?


Step 4

You don't go home empty-handed

To conclude, we present you with a personal or joint Management Drives profile, a report and a copy of the Management Drives book so you can always consult the results again in your own time.

The choice is yours

Which formula suits you(r company) the best?


Map what drives each of your employees.

  • Concrete tools for further development
  • Insight into motives and behavior
  • Improved performance
  • Stronger personal leadership I would like a quote

In team

Optimize your organization’s dynamics and efficiency with a team session.

  • Concrete tools to further develop your team
  • Insight into internal and external collaborations
  • Improved team performance
  • Find out what your team needs to keep, nurture and let go

Management Drives is a tool that you can use to identify what motivates your employees and understand how your teams and your organisation function.

Meet the trainers

They will help you to better understand yourself and your team

Themselves trained to expose and explain what drives you or your team, our certified trainers will guide you through the entire process and are happy to answer all your questions.


Ellen Bral

The Management Drives software thus offers a communal language to enable behavior to be discussed and to use the strength of the team.


Stéphanie Van Parys

Management Drives is unique because it makes a connection between organizational development, team development and individual leadership


Nathalie Van Cutsem

By knowing each other’s strengths, you can grow together.

Are you interested in a cooperation?

Contact us for an offer tailored to your needs

All the insights you need, straight into your pocket​! 

In our app you can: 

  • consult your detailed profile at any time
  • compare profiles with colleagues to discover the best possible form of collaboration
  • find out what the different colors stand for


Any questions? We're happy to help!