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Looking for international talent?

As an international player on the Belgian market, you know like no other how difficult it can be to fill vacancies for native speakers. Step into our office! Thanks to International Talents, a specialized Bright Plus division, finding top talents whose native language is neither Dutch nor French becomes a breeze.

Looking for international talent?

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Our fields of expertise

Discover our job offer for multilingual talents

  • Office Support

    An expert organizer, you have an unparalleled eye for detail when it comes to administration.

  • Sales Support

    You are good with numbers and are determined to offer a great customer experience.

  • Management Support

    Comfortable in all types of markets, you keep the office afloat and offer support where necessary.

  • Medical

    Talented in administrative support , you have a heart for the medical industry.

  • Legal

    Your attention to detail come in handy when you're taking care of legal files and procedures.

  • Marketing communications

    You are the creative and strategic mastermind behind numerous fun campaigns.

  • Human Resources

    You have a passion for people and excel at organizing them.

  • Logistics, purchase & facilities

    Your organizational and diplomatic skills are your greatest asset.

We specialize in highly skilled, foreign-language candidates

The 'Plus' points of working with International Talents

  • Bright Plus has been investing in international talent since 2008. Our International Talents department quickly grew into a specialist team who always manages to find foreign-language professionals even for niche vacancies. 
  • We never settle for less than a great match between the candidate and your company culture
  • Quality candidates for niche vacancies
  • In-depth testing and screening

Contact us for a made-to-measure proposal.

Looking for a new colleague?

Let us find your perfect applicant

Step 1: Hello, Bright Plus calling

Striking up a conversation with the candidate over the phone, we invite them to tell a little more about themselves. We also gauge the candidate’s competence and personal expectations.

Step 2: Testing, one, two

To make sure we can present you with a great match, we have the candidate take a number of tests.

Step 3: Time for a chat

We meet the candidate for an extensive interview, during which we have a chat about their test results as well.

Step 4: References? Check!

We check with previous employers to learn about their experience working with the candidate.

Step 5: The moment of truth

Once we’re sure there is indeed a match, we propose a number of suitable vacancies. If the candidate takes a fancy to a position with your company, fully supporting them throughout your application process is our next step.

Step 6: Ready for launch!

If the love turns out mutual, your new worker will be joining your team in a heartbeat.

Step 7: Follow-up, individual guidance & growth

Naturally, we won’t leave you and your new team member to fend for yourselves. We keep in touch with you both, starting from the first working day, to check whether you are (and will continue to be) happy with your collaboration.

Our Bright Plus culture

Our greatest asset? Our team of course!

+ 90

+ 90 happy Bright Plus employees!

In our experience, it is not just looking to fill "a" vacancy, but on a very concrete assignment that reads: we are not just looking for a candidate, but for a new colleague for the Thercon team.


More than 25 years of experience

Any questions?

Don't hesitate to contact us, we're happy to help!