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Bright Plus Recruitment Solutions: the right talent for your temporary or fixed vacancies

Finding, captivating and retaining talent requires a fair deal of time and expertise. In the meantime, your company doesn’t stand still. Bright Plus is happy to help!

P.S. We do much more than select candidates for your vacancies. Be sure to ask about our many other services.

Can your team use an extra hand?

Our specializations

Working together, tailored to your organization

Temp jobs

Enjoy the flexibility of temporary positions

Thanks to Bright Plus’ years of experience, you get to reap all the benefits of temporary workers who tick all the boxes on your wishlist.


Strive for long-term relationships with permanent contracts

Most applicants are looking for a permanent contract. Hence, to speed up the onboarding process, more and more companies offer permanent agreements.

International Talents

Meet our international top talents

Looking for multilingual talent with a first language other than Dutch or French? International Talents knows exactly what to do!

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Ellen De Baeck, Professional Agent Bright Plus

Collaborate with Bright Plus

Our "Plus" points

  • Flexible agreements
  • In-depth screenings (without getting too formal)
  • Qualitative service (what else?)
  • Strong online strategy (think first, act later)

Looking for someone to to fill that empty seat? Let us find your perfect applicant, contact our experts

How we do this

Our application process in 5 steps

Step 1: Hello, Bright Plus calling

Striking up a conversation with the candidate over the phone, we invite them to tell a little more about themselves. We also gauge the candidates’ competence and personal expectations.

Step 2: Testing, one, two

To make sure we can present you with a great match, we have the candidate take a number of tests.

Step 3: Time for a chat

We meet the candidate for an extensive interview, during which we have a chat about their test results as well.

Step 4: References? Check!

We check with previous employers to learn about their experience working with the candidate.

Step 5: The moment of truth

Once we’re sure there is indeed a match, we propose a number of suitable vacancies. If the candidate takes a fancy to a position with your company, fully supporting them throughout your application process is our next step.

Step 6: Ready for launch!

If the love turns out mutual, your new worker will be joining your team in a heartbeat.

Step 7: Follow-up, individual guidance & growth

Naturally, we won’t leave you and your new team member to fend for yourselves. We keep in touch with you both, starting from the first working day, to check whether you are (and will continue to be) happy with your collaboration.


Found your dream candidate? Woo them by offering them plenty of chances to grow.

How to sharpen your own office, HR, logistics, marketing or sales knowledge and skills? Browse our many interesting articles, blogs, tools and templates.


Coach your employees to further develop their talent

Our Management Drives tool gives your employees, teams and organization’s performance a good old boost by tapping into what drives them.


Coach your employees to further develop their talent

The best way to keep in touch with the latest trends? Let your employees increase their skills with our online and offline training programs.


Sharpen your employees' skills with our tools

Never stop learning, right? Our tools and templates will help your team to work even more efficiently.

Are you interested in a cooperation?

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Some testimonials

Our collaboration explained in words, images and numbers


More than 30 years of experience!

The vacancies are always reviewed in detail, by people with the necessary attention to the right cultural fit within the company. We have also observed that the candidates we meet are well aware of the content of the vacancy.


We have worked with Bright Plus on a number of occasions and this has always been a success. Both thanks to the good and fast service and certainly due to the supply of suitable candidates. It is nice to be able to count on Bright Plus as a recruitment partner.

The candidates Bright Plus introduces all have the necessary know-how for the job and the personal characteristics that are necessary to fit into the team.


Bright Plus, your partner in recruitment