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Our screening tests identify the best candidates and make your hiring decisions faster, easier, and bias-free.

Our screening tests provide insight into the personality and skills of your candidates in a comprehensive analysis report, giving you a better understanding of who your applicants are.

Do you want to invest in the continued growth of your team? Our certified trainers use Management Drives to identify what drives you and / or your team and helps you focus on each individual's strength.  

Assessment tests

Hire the right candidate

Our assessments are tailor-made and are designed to objectively map our your candidates skills and knowhow, allowing you to select the right match for the vacancy and for your company. 

  • Quick results ensuring an efficient selection
  • Objective presentation of your candidate's hard & skills
  • Insight in the person-organisation fit
  • Additional tool to facilitate the choice between different candidates
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Discover our testings

Personality tests

These tests will give you an insight into the personality of your candidate 

Price: €250 excl. VAT

Language tests

Bonjour, Hello, guten Tag - is your candidate a polyglot?  Language tests are available in Dutch, English, French, German and Spanish.  

Price: €150 excl. VAT

Intelligence tests

Abstract, verbal, deductive and inductive reasoning ability can be mapped with these tests.

Price: €150 excl. VAT

Software knowledge

Can your candidate work with track changes in Word? Does he do magic in Excel? Does he schedule meetings flawlessly in Outlook? 

Price: €150 excl. VAT

Working with figures

Numerical reasoning, mental calculation, interpretation of graphs or tables: all this will be checked out

Price: €150 excl. VAT

Working style

Is your candidate accurate? How fast does he work? And how efficiently can he look things up? 

Price: €150 excl. VAT

Planning tests

Planning well is an art. Curious to find out how your candidate will handle this? 

Price: €150 excl. VAT

Commercial skills

Measure commercial skills in dealing with customers or difficult situations. And how does your candidate process commercial information? 

Price: €150 excl. VAT

Would you like more information? Contact your Bright Plus agency.
Are you interested in more than one test? You can enjoy a volume discount.
For all our psychometric and questionnaires, we work with Cebir's test batteries.


Found a candidate? Give him/her the chance to grow

By means of various tools, you can boost the office, hr, logistics, marketing and sales knowledge and skills of your employees in a pleasant and efficient way.

Management Drives

Coaching and developing the talent of your employees?

Our Management Drives tool boosts the performance of your employees, teams and organisation by looking into what drives them.


Give your employees room to grow

Keeping up with the latest trends? Develop the skills of your employees with our online and offline training courses.


Keep your employees’ knowledge up-to-date

Thanks to interesting articles you keep your employees’ knowledge up-to-date and boost their skills.