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Secretary Plus is now Bright Plus

New name reflects contemporary vision on multilingual professionals

Bright Plus

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Recruitment specialist Secretary Plus changed its brand name to Bright Plus on 11 October 2019. Considering the ever-changing labour market, Bright Plus epitomises the fact that the term ‘secretary’ had ceased to encompass the organisation’s remit. That is why the company, which is best known as a partner in the recruitment of management support multilingual professionals, has opted for a new name. This will enable the organisation to respond to emerging social trends with a relevant and valuable vision on people and talent.

Multilingual professionals: key figures in organisations

A person who takes on a management support role today usually does so on the basis of professional training and a wide range of skills in project management, customer service, communication and HR, to name but a few. “The function has evolved considerably compared to what it used to be and, more than ever, the profiles are crucial components that strengthen business processes and make organisations more effective and decisive. ‘Bright Plus’, our new name, acknowledges this evolution,” says Bright Plus CEO Linda Cappelle. “When Secretary Plus started 25 years ago as a recruitment company for secretarial profiles, the economy and the labour market were entirely different. The profession, the niche and the job title have since changed. Only 16% of all vacancies that Bright Plus currently offers are traditional management assistant positions. Nowadays, companies are looking for more specialised profiles. They want people who have know-how and experience in various domains such as marketing or HR. Bright Plus, with its diverse and specialised profiles, offers them a solution.”

Saying goodbye to the secretary

The secretary’s job title has also changed, along with the function’s increased responsibilities and expanding range of duties. “The training that used to be called ‘Secretarial Languages’ had already evolved into ‘Office Management’ and is now known as ‘Business and Languages’,” explains Linda Cappelle. “In the current job market, these profiles are sales assistants, customer service assistants, project consultants or HR assistants. Each and every one of these functions requires great language proficiency.”

What's in a name

By adopting the ‘Bright Plus’ brand name, the HR service provider is now choosing an image that is a much better fit for its own range and personality of innovative services and the strong candidate profiles they work with. Obviously, the name was not selected at random. ‘Bright’ conveys positivity, openness, professional excellence and a personal approach. It also refers to human talent and intelligence, whether it concerns the approach followed to serve the customer or the profiles collaborating with Bright Plus. The respect for the human capital making up the organisation is also contained in the name: the company’s employees are the ‘plus’ in Bright Plus.

New name, same trusted services

Digitisation, globalisation and ever-growing competition require companies to be reactive and agile in order to succeed. It is in that context that Bright Plus has grown in recent years into an HR service provider that offers other services besides recruitment. Linda Cappelle: “We may have changed our name, but our diversified range of recruitment and selection, outsourcing, and training and coaching services is the same.”