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Vacancies in corona times? This is how!

Looking for a new employee doesn’t seem to be the most obvious thing to do now that the corona crisis is reaching its height. Yet, due to the crisis, some sectors are facing staff shortages. Transport and distribution firms, for example, need all hands on deck. Looking for (temporary) manpower? This is how:

Bright Plus

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A vacancy in corona times

A clear job description is and remains important, especially in times of crisis like these. If it concerns a specific job opening due to corona, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to communicate this clearly. You can do so by adding the hashtag #COVID19 in the vacancy text. Mind the spelling of the hashtag, COVID#19 will not work. Is it a vacancy with job security despite the coronavirus? Make sure to mention it! This is a big advantage at the moment. Furthermore, it is also important to communicate that your company is strictly complying with the corona-related hygiene measures in the workplace and that the well-being of current and new employees is guaranteed. This will show your commitment to your staff.

Spread the word

Publish your vacancy on various channels, it will increase your visibility. Potential candidates spend a lot of time online these days. Therefore, you have to make sure your vacancy stands out.

Meeting your perfect match

Found a suitable profile? The next step is probably a first interview. Skype (or any other online video tool) is the best option during this period. It will allow you to meet face to face, but at a safe distance. Is an interview at the office really necessary? Ask whether the candidate feels comfortable with this. Make sure to apply the rules of social distancing and hygiene at all times. In these times we all need to be flexible.


Did the candidate convince you? Great! The contract proposal is the next step. Agree with your candidate how you will discuss and sign the contract. A scan via email seems to be the safest option here.

The first day at work

Organise a warm welcome for your employee. This may be a hectic period, but prepare to give your candidate a pleasant and organised welcome. First impressions are everything. Explain the safety regulations and hygiene measures. This way your newest employee knows that you want to guarantee his/her health.

More questions or need help with your vacancy?

You can always contact us to support you in your search. Together with you we can write a recruiting and SEO optimized vacancy text. We will publish the vacancy through our channels and dive into our database. This way we ensure a fast and suitable inflow for your job opening. The candidates we propose have been screened and have discussed their interest in the vacancy with us. We will be happy to present our profiles to you by mail and discuss them over the phone. Convinced of the potential? We will be glad to schedule an appointment with the candidate for you.

Interested? Contact the Bright Plus office near you.