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Why do companies rely on the services of a recruitment agency?

Unlike small organisations, large companies have their own dedicated HR department.

Bright Plus

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These companies consequently should be able to hire their own staff. And yet this is not the case. A European study among existing and potential customers of Bright Plus was recently conducted to find out more about this.

They were asked to list three main reasons why a company relies on the services of a recruitment agency when hiring a new employee.

1. The recruiters don’t have the time.

This is the main reason why the companies often choose not to recruit new employees themselves. Fifty percent of the respondents prefer to entrust this task to an agency because they have too much work. A recruitment agency will ensure that they only interview candidates who have already made it through the selection process. They don’t have to waste time testing their languages, IT skills or personality.

2. The recruiters don’t have sufficient candidates.

Despite their own databases or ads on job sites 32% of the respondents indicate that they work with a recruitment agency to interview good candidates, who have been preselected from the agency’s databank.

3. The recruiters rely on the specialist’s expertise.

The agency’s service comes in third place. Eighteen percent of the respondents prefer to entrust the recruitment process to an agency because that is their core business.

Why does your company rely on the services of a recruitment agency? Do you recognise yourself in the three above-mentioned points?