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Monday morning. You quickly eat your muesli, rub your eyes one last time and then rush to the front door. But who do you see staring out of the window? You faithful four-legged friend. Wouldn’t it be much more fun to just take him to the office? Discover the benefits of an office pet here and convince yourself and your employer.

Bright Plus

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Animals in the workplace give your health a boost

Research proves it: having a cat or dog at work helps employees feel better about themselves:

  • If you have to meet an important deadline and your stress increases, a cuddle with the house cat will help you remain calm.
  • Dogs need the open air. And you too. Go for a short walk together. It helps you clear your head and recharge and your productivity increases.
  • Do you feel guilty when you leave your pet at home to go to work in the morning? No more guilt now that you can take your cat or dog to work.

A more pleasant work atmosphere

Having a pet at work connects people. If no one is talking during the coffee break, your cat or dog is the ideal conversation starter. And when you are trying to get to know a newly-hired colleague, you can count on your four-legged friend to break the ice.

A stronger corporate image

Allowing a cat or a dog at work doesn’t just benefit the employees; it’s also a win for the employer. If your employer allows you to bring your pet to work, it is investing in your loyalty. In addition, pet-friendly companies are very popular with millennials, i.e. employees aged between 18 and 35. Pets at work are therefore a perfect argument to attract young people.

Your checklist

It’s important to make sure everyone is on the same page and agrees. Follow this checklist and check whether your pet and your work environment are ready for the big step:

  • Do any of your colleagues suffer from pet allergies or animal phobia? If that’s the case, a pet at work simply is a no-no.
  • Clearly plan the best way to handle your pet.
  • Make sure your dog or cat is in tip-top health. You must take good care of a pet at the office.
  • Make the office pet-proof. Make sure that your pet cannot swallow loose items or leave the office on his own.
  • If you have a puppy or a kitten, you should take her to work without delay, as this will help her discover the office life and adapt quickly.

Finally: approach your manager

You’d like to give it a try? If so, you obviously need your employer’s permission. Read the work regulations or discuss the idea with your department head. If your organisation does not allow pets (yet), forward this article to your manager and convince him or her of the benefits of allowing pets.

Good luck, and hopefully you will soon be able to cuddle with your ‘office pet’.